Tuesday, October 11, 2005

More Burke!

Found a *great* interview with James Burke from WNYU radio

Toward the bottom of the list located HERE. (Audio only)

The first few minutes are an interview with John Sexton, which is also a good read.

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adam lake said...

so..i haven't had a chance to listen to the burke stuff yet, but i just wanted to share...

so, in college i took this course, it was the sr. design course for scienc majors. i had to petition to get in because i was not a science major...apparently to be among a select group of idiots the chemistry professor required that i write an essay on why i should be in the course. it was called the philosophy of science or some crap....okay..i just looked it up..it was origin and effects of modern technology. anyway, it was around a bunch of clueless folks who didn't have the foggiest understanding of what the philosophy of science was and was run by a very good professor.

anyway...he used as our guide for discussion the james burke connection series...the book is sitting here on my shelf right next to me right now...the lessons stick with me today...the relationships the book brings out...the perspectives...napolean won a war, not because of his firepower or strategy but because he figured out how to put soup into a wine bottle and store it through winter. oh wait, he also lost because he put all the food into lead containers later and all his dudes got lead poisoning...the reminder that technology in and of itself is neither good nor bad (both of which are ultimately human judgements), but instead the perpetuation of the meme pool into the future and the fact that we are not ultimately in control...entropy fowarding information strands forward into the future of which we are just an instance.