Saturday, October 15, 2005

Little crazy stuff

... you see running around doing errands on a saturday.

  • What the EFFFF is with the shortage on mini-SD memory? I dropped by a number of places during the week, and then four places today. ALL SOLD OUT! They all claimed it's because a number of phone vendors have come out with models that take mini-SD and so there's been a run on them. Makes sense. I wanted it for my phone :-(
  • Kudos for making the best of a crappy job! You know those billboard/sandwichboard people you see on street corners trying to flag you down for some mattress sale? I saw a woman, maybe 40-ish, doing that for a living. Instead of just waving at everyone, she had an MP3 player on and was TOTALLY rocking out, dancing like a maniac on a street corner in the rain. "Sandwich board be damned! I'm gonna disco my ass off!". Kudos, for dancing to your own beat, crazy sandwich board mattress selling lady!
  • THe positive effects of globalization: On recommendation of a friend a while back we got some takeout from Can-AM pizza. Despite the canadian & american flags on their website, they are owned by an indian family and sell specialty pizzas like mexican, greek, and a range of Indian pizzas. We got the paneer-masala-butter pizza adn the tandoori chicken pizza. Yummy!

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