Saturday, October 15, 2005

It came from Korea

Samsung is going to eat the world.

This month Fortune has a pretty good 75th anniversary edition out. I recommend picking it up.

ANyhow, in it there is a story on Samsung. If you are in the technology biz - and I mean anything consumer HW or SW related, you should fear them!

Back when I was at Intel, while most thought of AMD, Motorola, or IBM, or perhaps Sony, as the competition; there was a growing sense that Samsung was the real enemy long term.

Trick question: On the average Windows PC sold, who makes the most money? Most of you would answer Microsoft, Intel, or perhaps the OEM (Dell, HP, etc) that sold you the machine. Truth is, it's Samsung. They increasingly have the lion's share of the build of materials of the average PC. Even though they don't have huge MSS in any one market (biggest might be in memory, and even then they are no where near monopoly-like. But get 10-30% MSS in a bunch of different markets (memory, components, hard drives, monitors, etc, etc) and it starts to add up!

Most people own WAY more samsung product than they realize.

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Darius Kazemi said...

I myself own Samsung monitors, Samsung RAM, Samsung SD card (I think), a Samsung TV, and probably a bunch of other stuff too...