Monday, October 17, 2005

hardcore hackery

Courtesy Alice.

This guy hacked his PSP and found a way to jam in an iTrip FM tuner/transmitter.

SW hacking is one thing. HW hacking is another thing. HW hackery on micro-small consumer devices is another thing altogether. I mean they didn't build that PSP will a lot of spare room in there for fitting things inside, let alone getting it all to work.

Anyhow, sweet. Plus his low-tech-look web page has another hi-tech hack ($12 night vision camera) and looks like a good place to keep on the faves list.

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Anonymous said...

zack simpson did the exact same thing with his webcams when he needed IR cameras for some mine-control stuff (see

the exposed film is handy, although he eventually settled on just two pieces of theatrical lighting gel, one cyan and one red, that he could binder-clip to the top of the camera and flip over the lens so it was easy to let visible light through or not.

tech hackery == fun.

now all i need is someone to tell me how to easily construct one of those Sony "Black is Beautiful" projection screens: they reflect only relatively pure bands of R, G, and B light, so if you shine a flashlight on them or put the screen in bright sunlight it looks completely black, but if you point a projector at it, the image is crisp and bright. almost creepy. but also $2k for an 80" diagonal screen... ugh.