Friday, October 21, 2005


Tim Cherna (friend and homme-du-pomme) points us to a french canadian program, and it's Podcast (same link) Baladodiffusion.

The place for cool indie french canadian sh$t!

Anyhow, I haven't given it a listen yet, but I love that all the latest web terms have been given F.C. equivalents:

Blog = Blogue
Podcast = Baladodiffusion
Blogosphere = blogosphère

And it's not just made up, the language police have come up with the proper terms. The also recommend AVOIDING the usual quebecois trend to "frenglish" a word by taking the english word and doing french conjugation of it (e.g. 'to podcast' becomes 'podcaster', as in 'nous podcastons ce soir'.

That dictionary is going to keep me busy tonight! Next up, graphics terminology!

Aouai! C'est mal commode, tabarnaque! 'cris!

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