Thursday, September 29, 2005


1. I got a new smartphone. Motorola MPx220. It's pretty sweet. Runs windows mobile, so it's syncs with my outlook exchange server, so my work email is on it 'blackberry style', 1.3Mp camera, MP3 player, I can use orb to stream recorded TV shows off my home machine to the device, has bluetooth, mini-sd card, quad-band, etc, etc, etc. A little bigger than I'd have liked, but it's at least more "big phone" than "small PDA".

2. I just read that Warren Buffet filed his first 1040 at teh age of 13. He had a paper route and claimed a deduction for his $35 bicycle. Awesome.

3. I read the above in a article about the 10 riches american. Bill G #1, Buffet #2, Paul Allen #3. Followed by Dell, Ellison at 4,5. Numbers 6,7,8,9 and 10 are all Waltons (!). That's a lot of tupperware and knock off cola, folks!

4. Finally picked up We (heart) Katamari. Good clean fun, folks! Though better polished, it's lost some of the thrill for me. I think that's just a matter of the first one being such a fresh surprise, and you can't recreate that. Same was true of the First Doom, First Matrix (the film that is), etc.

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Anonymous said...

I quite agree on the new Katamari game. It's still quite a bit of fun, but not nearly as great as playing the first game for the first time. The raceway and sumo levels are fun new improvements. The campfire one not so much. One of the biggest annoyances is all the loading (stupid ps2) and parts I can't skip like talking (bad developers). The cutscenes are also rather bad (the ones in the first one were also bad but at least semi-amusing).

If they're making a next one I'm not sure it'll be worth buying. They're going to have to vary the gameplay a bit more than they did in this game.

Just saw an interesting game the other week pointed out by the quarter to three forum. Forget ever seeing a game like this in the US. Take a look at the flash video (press the red button at the bottom of the page):