Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Nintendo whips out the IP

1up has some news about the upcoming SSX release for all the consoles.

While I'm sure Sony and MS will be trying to out-shader one another, Nintendo says "yeah, ok. You can have your trilini-riffic-metallo-shader...

"...or you can snowboard as Mario, Luigi, or Princess peach, and only on GameCube".

Well played, Nintendo. Well played. Considering where I work, it's getting real hard not to go buy a gamecube.

Pretty novel use of 1st party IP as well. I hope it continues. I want to roam around GTA3 as Pacman, eating up all the nasty hot coffee content. Or roam around WoW as the Katamari Prince, rolling up all the millions of subscribers into a money-generating ball. So much time wasted in the world...

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