Tuesday, September 27, 2005

More on Watch Us Game

Thanks to Lauren for her comments to my post on Watch Us Game. Following those, I went and spent a little time scanning the sites forums to get some insight into how it's run.

While I am still very tempted to suspect there's a corporate angle behind it, I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and say this about it: Those running/contributing to the site appear to have good intentions, although somewhat misguided. They appear to be trying to provide a site for girl-gamers to hang out at, but there's still a lot of sexual innuendo (the voyeristic name of the site, the 'photo arrays' of members); and while I will let stand the comments about "we are targetting women 15-30" positioning, I still think it's funny that there aren't any unattractive girls up there.

Anyhow. Given that it appears legit and just misguided, it gets us into the whole space of feminism, women embracing their sexuality vs hiding it, etc, etc.

And since I opted not to take those classes in college in favor of such raunchy hits as "analog circuits 201", I'm not really qualified to comment.

Like I said in my earlier comments, if it's serving useful purpose, regardless of intent, then maybe it's not all so bad.


adam lake said...

i agree with kim on this one...something's fishy here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for going back and taking a second look at it, Kim. That's a lot more than what most people judging the site are doing. :)

I and a lot of the other WUG ladies agree - the site suggests something we're hoping it wouldn't. After some discussion about it, one of the community leaders and the admins are excitedly announcing that they have a new site design to be published by mid-October. I'm a little more anxious; I hope it does the site more justice than the current layout. (And I have to admit... all the pouty pictures of adolescent girls remids me of the MySpace crowd. Ick. :P But I know that's the image we hope to not project... something's gotta change!)