Sunday, September 4, 2005

Busy day as a suburban homeowner

6am alarm
6:30 gym
8am cooked bacon and eggs for kids and in-laws
9:30 IKEA. Somewhere, a forest of particle-board trees is being clearcut as we speak.

I hate IKEA's maze walk-through. What would happen if there was a fire. Would people run screaming through kitchens, kids furnishings, bedding, etc, etc?

Bought new stereo cabinet, trundle bed for kids room.

11:30 lunch - at IKEA

12:30 home, put kids to bed
1:00 assemble roller-base for tablesaw - necesary in new, smaller garage.
3:00 assemble new stereo cab, insert all electronics, re-run cables, etc
4:00 install cat-door (after checking that fat-ass cat will fit through cat door we bought. Amazing how she'll defy topological restrictions when there's food on teh other side of a hole)
5:30 dinner, play with kids, etc
7:30 kids to bed, 30 min TV
8:00 assemble desk in office (hadn't done since the move)
10:00 unpack boxes till 11:00
11:00 SWIM!
11:30 SNL, some internet - now time to go to bed!