Wednesday, August 24, 2005

What's that giant "splooshing" sound?

The world descending into the crapper, that's what!

The Chinese government sticks it's finger in your game design. Hooboy.

This can't be good. The government can't design games.

The only politicians I would allow design games would be Ahnold (to design FPS games), and perhaps RTS games designed by Maggie Thatcher ("Falkland Frenzy"?). Maybe an economics sim designed by Reagan that lets you lose to whatever degree you want, and the losses are passed onto the next player that logs on :-)


Mark said...

holy smokes! that's the worst thing ever. No playing for longer than three hours at a time?
Wait - can I just log out and then log back in? :)
Hopefully our government won't get any ideas from this. I bet sometimes they think it would be easier if they were a dictatorship.

KimPallister said...

I doubt the log out/back in would work, as the "accord" will likely tie it to per-user accounts.

I supposed in places where they play with pre-payed cards and such, a player could maintain two accounts.