Monday, August 1, 2005


First Twinky, now this.

We sold the pool table. Not a big deal, since I didn't have room for it at the new house, but am a little sad to see it go anyway. Good news is, I paid $150 for it 6 years ago, and sold it for $200. Either price is good for a full size slate table. Selling it was easy enough. The moving company sent a guy over to take it apart before shipping it, and he asked if we were selling it.

If we hadn't sold it, I'd considered bringing into work and putting it in the lobby. There's a ping-pong table there now, and I suck at ping-pong.

I don't have room for my arcade machines either, so I'll likely stick one of them in the new office. Everyone else at MS seems to have an arcade machine in their office. Seems to be very 'de rigeur' as Checker might say.