Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Old sKooL

Before we moved, I grabbed this crappy phone cam pic of my old snowboard, which I gave to the salvation army before we left. If we weren't trying to clean up, I should have kept it for nostalgia sake.
Note the square tail. The board was at least 15 years old, as I bought it second hand 11 years ago. Bad-ass 80's colors, that's for sure!


adam lake said...

you know, i hope you didn't throw it away, i'm gonna have a snowboard wall at my cabin on mt. hood and it would make a great addition next to my 'white trash on board' board that got gnarled when i smashed into a tree at terminal velocity shattering my binding. memories!

KimPallister said...

See the post: Gave it to salvation army.

You could always go buy it from them. I can't imagine it's selling quickly.

Or maybe a poor person is boarding on my equipment now?