Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Home Theeatahhh...

I forgot to blog this, but I bought an Onkyo SR602 receiver over the weekend.

I'm not an audiophile by any means, but had to go with one at this price point because of the features I needed:

  • Sufficient video inputs for DVD, ReplayTV, PC, PS2 and Xbox360 (when it comes out :-)
  • Powered "Zone2" amp to play CDs in living room while watching TV in media room
  • Svideo and Composite to component upconversion, for when and if I have to replace the projector in the future.

I looked at the Harmon Kardon (too expensive), Sony (didn't like some of the feature inaccessibility), and a few others before making my decision. YMMV.

A small plus (not that it swayed the decision) was that the blue LED "right" around the volume knob can be switched on and off. If left on, it will be like a beacon to Tom, who is attracted to volume knobs as it is :-)

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