Sunday, August 28, 2005

60% of game geeks blog

As surveyed from a show of hands at a dinner the other night :-)

A few people were in town for Pax, and so I had dinner Saturday with Mark Deloura (Sony), Chris Melissinos (Sun), Alison Kelly from ATI, and one of the guys from Valve (name also escaping me now...).

Someone brought up blogging, Alison asked "do any of you blog?", three hands went up.

Was interesting comparing notes about why we do it, what we've gotten out of it, etc.

BTW, it occurred to me tonight watching 60 minutes that Andy Rooney is the original video blogger :-)

[Thanks to Will for reminding me of Alison's last name so I could update the post]


william said...

Alison Kelly.

Dan said...
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