Friday, July 29, 2005

What's in a word

Despite the fact that it's in my new job title, "casual games" is the wrong term for... umm... casual games. this came up multiple times in hallway converstations at Meltdown. Worse than the wrong term, it's a misleading term. Someone who plays Scrabble or Word Mojo or Insaniquarium for 3 hrs a day is as, or more, hardcore than someone that plays an hour of Doom3.

Worse than just being wrong, it's misleading and reinforces incorrect assumptions about the consumers of those games... and the POTENTIAL consumers of those games.

But I don't know what the right word is. Someone suggested 'mainstream'. I think that's a cop out as well.

While I'm at it, there's a bunch of other vernacular that just plain needs banning. The word 'compelling' is no longer compelling, the use of the word 'ubiquitous' has become ubiquitous, and we need the next-gen term for the term 'next-gen'...


Mark said...

I think a more appropriate term might just be: "small games". :-)

KimPallister said...

Is it? They are going to get bigger... Is "Myst" a small game? Sure, it's distributed at retail, but it has many things in common with many 'casual' games.

Mark said...

Hmmmm... does Myst fit into the style you're talking about? When I think "casual game" I think of something web-based, that uses Flash or Java or something. It doesn't take much of my time nor CPU cycles.

I guess we have to define our terms, then we can re-define what we can call these things. :)