Friday, July 22, 2005


Sorry, still haven't gotten around to posting notes from CasualGDC. Later today. Promise.

Yesterday I went wakeboarding for the first time.

I wore glasses from the age of ten, and was so blind without them that I couldn't see a lake - even if I was in it! - so waterskiing was always out of the question. Since getting Lasik surgery, this has no longer been a limiting factor so I thought I'd try it when given the chance.

Former boss Pete was taking his boat out along with his brother, a co-worker and my friend and former co-worker Adam. Pete and his brother are both experienced wakeboarders, so after each taking turns and doing a couple jumps and generally showing off, they gave us newbies a turn.

Conspiracy theory: Pete had a claim that "everyone gets up in 10 tries or less". Each time someone would try and fail, they'd yell out, "you're turning your board too soon", or "you're not standing up soon enough". I was highly skeptical that the driver of the boat, who's not watching what made you fall, could really know. I think basically they were yelling out random selections from a list of statements until you just figured it out for yourself.

I earned bragging rights by getting up on the third try (It took the other two newbies seven and nine tries), but in their defense, the lakes water level was a lot lower after I involuntarily drank about a million gallons of lake water. Good thing we have moderately clean lakes here.

Anyhow. Lots of fun. Will have to go again sometime!

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