Sunday, July 31, 2005


Speaking of overused words, I heard a radio ad in the car yesterday for a tourist bureau, a snippet of which was "...let the scent of the evergreens overwhelm your senses...". Clearly hyperbole! The only scents I can think of that literally overwhelm my senses are smelling salts (ammonia), and Wild Turkey (which causes a Pavlovian response due to an unfortunate alcohol poisoning incident of years past). The only taste I can think of that *overwhelms* the senses is that of gasoline, which I unfortunately got a mouthful of several times back as a teen when we used to syphon gas out of our parents cars whenever our motorbikes were running low and we didn't have the one dollar, or whatever it was to fill up back then.

Anyhow. I'm overwhelmed.

This was week one on the job, and week one in a new city. I'm simultaneously trying to wrap my head around things that are new, or at least new to me: New job, new company, new infrastructure, new laptop (tablet, actually, which means new OS variant), new market, new business models, new corporate political environment, new temp housing, new house, new mortgage.

Add to that the sale of our existing home, the move of our possesions, and all the administrivia that goes with changing companies and abodes (roll over 401ks, change of address to 100 different people and places, change medical providers, etc, etc).

Anyhoo. It's just a little overwhelming. Perhaps just whelming. Maybe extrawhelming but not just overwhelming.

We did the drive back to Portland today and are doing the move this weekend. Back to Redmond on Tues.

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