Sunday, July 10, 2005

New links

I've been meaning to add a few links to other blogs I frequent. They are on the right hand side of the page.

John Stark's blog. Another ex-montrealer, John builds giant display walls. I beleive the biz model is "charge secret military operation a bajillion dollars to build display wall. Then charge hollywood two bajillion to make display wall that you promise looks just like the secret military one you aren't supposed to know about". John himself is also giant. (Ol' montreal trivia: Tim & John, both linked from my blog, were once college roommates. During a drunken party, Tim sat on John's shoulders and yelled "who runs barter town!?" in Master-Blaster fashion, and we've never stopped laughing about it since)

Gamefam. Dan Matkowsky's blog aimed at the {if (parent && gamer)} set. Looks like it's gonna be great.

Jane. Jane writes for GamePro, maintains a blog as part of that job, has a personal blog, and created GameGirlAdvance. So I'm triple linking her!



Anonymous said...

you're missing an http:// in the GGA link.

Oded Sharon

KimPallister said...

Fixed! Thanks!