Sunday, July 17, 2005


If you haven't seen the iPod "iFlea" spoof ad, it's worth a couple minutes. Pretty clever.

(Thanks Majd!)


adam lake said...

before it was over...i couldn't help but think what a great idea it would be for the music industry to package songs on little flea like things that i could buy, sit next to my machine, that could wirelessly transmit their content ot my machine...things that size should be able to fit more than one song on them, maybe a whole album (what, 64 MB losslessly compressed) on little tic-tac size objects...i'm ready for it. you could buy music at the store like you buy jelly belly jelly beans at the grocery stores. $.99 each for single plays or 6.99 for an album. read once and it self destructs or maybe its got a license on it you can activate/deactivate/etc.

KimPallister said...

One more "rah rah ipod" comment out of you and it's iTick to the testes!

william said...

Does the guy/team behind this spoof work for Apple's marketing team? If not, then they should.