Thursday, July 28, 2005

Great letter to Sen. Clinton

Good letter to Hillary worth reading.

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LogicalOne said...

And the point of this letter is?

How about to make Hilary look bad?

Most of the arguements that the author makes would be even stronger if you had mentally challenging games that didn't have the violence. I believe there is a new consortium trying to develop these kind of games. Let's hope they can make mentally challenging games that kids really like to play.

As to the arguement that stealing cars in a game makes teens less likely to really steal cars. You've got to be kidding. If you really believe that then I suppose you would advocate for more sex segments in games like the ones that started this issue. Then kids could practice all the dangerous sex they want and wouldn't need to actually do it.

Hilary's comments may have been politically motivated. I don't know. She may have had the best of intentions. Either way, I suspect the letter writer is as motivated by his/her political motives as by trying to defend lewd games.