Sunday, July 10, 2005

Gone huntin' hunting that is.

We're up in Redmond for the weekend doing some house hunting in the area. Exhausting to do with two little ones that need to be strapped in and un-strapped from the car seats 10 times a day.

It's a nice area. I think we'll like it here. Definitely very "pacific northwest" like Portland (which I guess means it's green, it's Green, it's casual, it's outdoorsy. They are very into bicycles here, which is good.

We looked at some places that were a 10 minute bike ride from the MS campus. We also looked at places that were a ~30 minute drive (in traffic, 15 minutes without). Location of the former is nice. what you get for your money is nice with the latter. Either way, the ones we liked were the ones that were out of our price range.

Alisa's comment before bed tonight made me laugh: "we need to find some more money". Uh, 'find'? Does that mean I'm supposed to go rob a bank after she goes to bed? :-)

Anyhoo. Another bit of looking tommorrow and then back to Portland and back for my last week at Intel.


Lucas said...

I don't know if you looked into it already, but I wouldn't rule out Kirkland and Woodinville. I live in Kirkland, it's a decent area, and not far at all from Redmond.
And Woodinville is on the Redmond border as well.

KimPallister said...

Yes, we did look at some houses in Woodinville as well. We didn't ahve time to look at any in Kirkland, but we drove around there a bit today to get the lay of the land a bit before driving back to Portland. Thanks for the suggestions though!

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