Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Bye Bye Twinky!

Sold my Twinky pinball tonight. :-(

We're moving so I have to get rid of some of these machines. Too heavy to transport, and I'm not sure we'll have room for them.

As a pinball game, Twinky's kind of lame. Nowhere near the complexity of play that machines in the late 70's and early 80's developed (for what it's worth, I think pinball went downhill after that. elegance gave way to overcomplexity and gadgetry. Sigh). However, I love the kitchy theme, which is modelled after Twiggy, with some American Bandstand type theme thrown in there. Note the NBC-style peacock on the scoreboard and Dick-Clark-esque announcer:

and note the sixties-style models on the playfield:

By Twinky! I'll miss you!


Darius Kazemi said...

That's a beautiful machine! I sometimes repaired pinball machines in high school, as a friend of mine had, oh, 10 or so in his basement. At some point I'm going to write about my theory that the Tony Hawk games are the modern successors to pinball machines. Sorry to see you part with Twinky.

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