Sunday, July 24, 2005

And in the blink of an eye...

...we made the largest impulse buy EVER!

Seattle's a fast-moving real-estate market. So after seeing a house that we REALLY loved, and that was about to open to an open house, we made an offer. We weren't the only offer either, but we won the bid and the house is ours (pending inspection, financing finalization, etc, etc).

It's about 10 minutes from work, has a nice view of Lake Sammamish, and has... wait for it... a POOL! Yippee!

Pix later when I get the chance.


Anonymous said...

congratulations, i'm sure its a relief knowing that you have a place and can just move forward with all the other things on your plate.

Anonymous said...

Gratz !
It's not easy finding the perfect place to live in, but if you found someplace you instantly fell in love with, and you could have efford it, it's the best place to live in !

Mark said...

yahoo! awesome man, congratulations! That sounds great.