Sunday, June 26, 2005


I haven't been posting much lately. Sure, the occasional "hey this link is cool", but not much in the way of thoughtful discourse. The reason is that I'm currently caught up in a whirlwind of activity because of some changes coming.

The biggest: I'm leaving Intel after seven and a half years. It's a great company and I wrestled with the decsion a lot, but I had a great opportunity come up at Microsoft that I felt I had to take. (More on the new job after I understand my new employer's stance on employee blogging and such - not that it will stop me, I just want to know how much hot water I'll be in :-)

The precipitate of that decision is that:

  • I have to wrap up my current job's activities, including team mid-year reviews (time consuming management stuff)
  • start ramping some knowledge in the domain of the new job
  • put our house up on the market and sell it
  • oh, and learn what's involved in selling a house as I've never done that before
  • work logistics of the move and temp housing and such
  • figure out what's involved in changing health insurance coverage (ah, how simple it was in canada)
  • cash in stock options (CHA CHING! well, cha-ching! anyway)
  • start looking for a new house

At some point, me, wife, kids, dogs, and fat-keister-feline all have to pack into a caravan and head north.

Anyhow, all to say I've been a little busy.

We now return you to regularly scheduled programming :-)


Lucas said...

just wanna say welcome to the neighborhood, broham!

KimPallister said...


Hey, if you have recommendations on good neighborhoods to shop in, I'm open to suggestions. Suburbanite family of 4 seeks home to match!


Anonymous said...

congrats on the change kim. we sold our home in manhattan about six months ago. buying a home is a mill times more fun than selling one. if you want/need to pick a brain on that subject, holler back. good luck with it all!

Anonymous said...

You did the smart thing and waited until after the sabbatical... I knew I should have done that.
Good luck with the move - not the easiest with two kids, but I'm sure the new employer will try to make it as painless as possible.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Kim. Exciting times ahead I'm sure.


Mark said...

congrats on your job move and life move. of course, you're working for the evil empire, but i'll forgive you. as long as you send me cheap copies of visual studio. hahahahhah :)

william said...

wow, big change. congratulations, man - those kinds of decisions are very tough to make.

oh, and the health coverage change should be smooth and painless (trust me, I've done it twice in as many years!)