Thursday, June 23, 2005

Video Game Violence Survey

Gamasutra posted the following (snip):

  • The Harvard Medical School Center For Mental Health and Media is reminding developers that it is conducting a survey of video game professionals on the effects of video game violence on players, and the deadline is fast approaching. The survey is being carried out to collect data not "agenda-driven or limited in practical utility," but instead unbiased and taking game developer opinion into account. The survey, available online for anonymous responses, will be open to the development community until July 8th

I filled out the survey and while I applaud their effort to collect data "not agenda-driven" and from industry insiders, the questions definitely bothered me in the way they were structured. Anyhow, I filled it out and left my contact info (the last question is a "may we contact you" type). Go judge for yourself, but in any case, it can't hurt to have people chime in on the rational side of the arguement as opposed to the other side.

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