Monday, June 13, 2005

Misc crappy phone cam pix

Since I was downloading cheap-ass-phone-cam shots off the camera for my last entry, here are a few others:


When I was down in the bay area last week, they freely upgraded me to the bitchin' new 'stang. Too bad it was raining and the convertible didn't get put to use. Verdict: Not bad for an american car. Still feels like an american car though.


You can't really see this, but I thought it was amusing: An Atari logo indicating the sponsor of a cable car that pulled up beside me in the city. A relic of one age sponsoring a relic of another age ;-)


A while ago I talked about how I spoke to a bunch of middle-school kids at a career day they had. This was a pic off the wall of the math class. It says "polygon" with a definition. I felt like adding other sarcastic definitions: "measure of game quality", "source of inflated graphics hardware company valuations", etc.

Note to self: buy better phone cam next time around!

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