Thursday, June 9, 2005

Meet the Mysterious Ms X.

When I was down at E3, I rode the hotel shuttle bus one morning to get to the convention center. I ended up getting in a conversation with Alana, a.k.a "Ms X", of a game clan called the "Girlz of Destruction". They were on their way to hang out at the Razor mouse booth, who kind of semi-sponsors them.

One thing that caught my eye (easy, not that way!) was that they weren't all playing the girl-hottie card (a couple of them borderline risquee) but rather most were just wearing jeans and hoodies and were instead relying their abilities to just kick the butts of all comers.

While groups like the Fragdolls, playas they might be, are definitely playing the tittilation card (there was some controversy a while back about how much there were selected for talent vs looks), the GoD seemd to be taking the high road of just competing and being good at it. Good for them!

Anyhow, I was reminded of them today when pointed to an interview with Ms X.

Oh, and they earned extra respect when they explained on the bus ride that they were hung over, having skipped out on E3 parties to drive to Tijuana the previous night. Ouch!

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