Monday, June 13, 2005

Killer PSP or DS app?

I was browsing a retail store today and saw a low-cost game-specific game console. It was a Texas Hold'em poker game that you connect to the TV and connect up to 6 controllers for individual players to participate. Lousy phone cam shot:

The neat thing was that each of the 6 controllers had it's own LCD display for each player to hold their 2-card hand close to their chest.

The down side was, they skimped on the tech so much that the lag for any entry was painful, the controller display was cheap, and I could see it growing really frustrating for multiple players.

Still, I could see a texas holdem game for ad-hoc PSP or DS networks really making sense. And for a Gamecube/Gameboy combo (or "revolution"/DS combo), it works even better. Too bad it's probably taboo for nintendo's positioning. Oh well.

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