Saturday, June 11, 2005

I can Shabu Shabu, can U?

We went to Uwajimaya today to do grocery shopping, a great asian grocer with a boatload of fresh produce, most of it of the strange and exotic variety (I came across a few fruits and veggies I'd never seen before). The nice thing about this place is it's GIGANTIC compared to most import/asian/etc grocers. Must give them some buying power or they have other connections or something because their produce selection and pricing is really top notch.

It's been over a year since we last went, but dropping by a Korean grocer with Justin after E3 and then having lychee fruit at my friend Adam's place last week gave me the urge to go again. Alisa also has been craving shabu shabu since returning from Japan, which was really the main driver.

So we took the kids there and got all our shabu-shabu incredients (nice thinly sliced marbly beef, asian cabbage, dried kelp, mushrooms, a few other things) and also picked up some tasty lychees, papayas, mangos, and some thai peppers that I don't yet know what I'm going use for. Green tea & red bean ice cream too!

Tonight we had shabu-shabu in our fondu pot. Was tasty but the kids weren't keen on the beef unless a little ketchup was added. Sigh, there's no accounting for taste! :-)

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Anonymous said...

have you found any place around bellevue or seattle for good shabu shabu? i was seaching for some places, ran across your blgo- so thought i would ask. Thanks