Monday, May 30, 2005

Star Wars

I saw Star Wars Episode 3 this weekend. Pretty much in agreement with most of the 'middle of the road' reviewers about it:

  • The dialog is bunk
  • much more light saber fightin' action, but it's not as well choreographed & paced as that of past movies
  • It's a shame that Padame went from being strong, independant girl, to weeping weakling.
  • Burnt darth is way cooler than unburnt darth
  • Franken-darth and "NOOOOO!!!!"-darth were so very crappy.
  • Get Jimmy Smits OUT of my Star Wars
  • Get Samuel Jackson out of my Star Wars unless you are going to give him bad-ass, Shaft-like jive talkin' accent. "Dark side? Kiss the dark side of my black ass, Palpatine!"
  • Bucketloads of CG and battle scenes make me still like it more than the last two.

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