Saturday, May 14, 2005

Master chef strikes again!

I forgot to add this in my last post!

A while ago at a local restaurant that was awesome but has since closed for inexplicable reasons, I tried some basil ice cream. "Basil?!?" you say, jaw gaping. Yes, that's what I said too, so I had to try it. Anyhow, it was awesome.

I thought, hmm, if basil works, then the world of herbs and spices is rife for ice cream experimentation! I'm like columbus, but with an ice cream maker instead of a ship, and a thick waistline instead of scurvey.

I figured Cilantro seemed like a nice place to start (kind of lemony/citrus-y as far as herbs go), plus my wife loves it. And since it's often combined with some lime in many dishes, I threw some of that in too.


I was a little conservative with the cilantro since I didn't know if it would be overbearing or not. I would probably double it up next time, but still, it turned out very well.

Where shall I go next? Ha ha! The world is my oyster! Though I probably wouldn't do oyster ice cream....


Mark said...

There was a company named "Out of a Flower" that made some amaaazing ice cream from herbs and flowers and whatnot. I think they've gone out of business unfortunately, or at least I can't find them any more, which makes me very sad!

Here are a few of their flavors, which changed with frequency: peach and champagne with mint, passion fruit with red rose, red cactus pear, rose geranium blossom, lavender, champagne, tequila and cilantro...

oh wait! Okay, I just cruised all over the net and found an article saying that the business has been purchased from its original owner (who has moved to France), and they'll be manufacturing yumminess again soon. Yay!

Out of a Flower article

okay, that was probably more than you wanted to know. :)

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