Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Booth Babe Rebellion Afoot?

Several folks have ranted recently about the booth babe phenomenon and how it's getting out of control. This of course is not unique to the games industry. Sex sells and it does so across the board. However, signs of rebellion are showing, and that's good news, I guess.

At E3, Agetec had an anti-booth-babe campaign going. Great photos! Check them out here. Robin told me of a friend who was at E3 working on a documentary on "the booth babe phenomenon". (Robin also wrote a related piece a while back which is a good read).

Not unique to the games industry, this article related to the auto industry's SEMA show talks about their contemplating dress-code guidelines for booth babes.

I hope this gains some traction in the game industry. Don't get me wrong. I dig a chick in a thong as much as the next guy, but this simply isn't going to help grow the market for games beyond the "15-to-35 year old boys". And what's more - it simply is NOT necesary. We're selling *games* for chrissake. It's not like we're selling something boring like tires or pork bellies.

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Mark said...

Think about how great the show would be if it was populated with people who actually WORKED on the games!