Friday, May 27, 2005

Better than perfect

I went yesterday for my follow up appointment following my Lasik surgery. They looked at how my eye was healing and to give me an eye test.

I was doing the eye test and reading off letters and got down to what I thought was the smallest row. The one I'd struggled with when I had new glasses in the past. I read it just fine.

Then they popped up a smaller one, and I read it.

Then they popped up a smaller one, and I read it.

I half expected to hear sounds like this, and start crushing tennis balls in my hand.

End result: I have 20/15 vision in one eye (which is BETTER than 20/20) and slightly better than 20/20 in the other eye. AND IT MAY IMPROVE OVER THE NEXT WEEK!

It's very cool to be bionic.


Unknown said...

Did you get the laser option?

Anonymous said...

wow! i need to get lasik one of these days. contacts are hard in the water, and i lose glasses like crazy. come to think of it, pretty much for any sport, contacts or glasses are a big nuisance.

congrats on the wild success; most people don't get that good.

i'm still worried because even 25 years old, now, i think my eyes are still slowly getting worse. and i think you're supposed to wait until they stop doing that to get lasik, right?

KimPallister said...

The chances of getting 20/20 (or better for that matter) are a function of a bunch of things, among them being the strength of your prescription. For that reason alone, I was like 60% chance of 20/20, 98% chance of 20/30, and only like a 30% chance of better than 20/20. Got lucky I guess.

I think one of the things they look for is your prescription to be stable, but talk to your optometrist either way. Also, the FDA site is a is a good place for unbiased info on the procedure: