Sunday, April 3, 2005

Movies, movies, movies...

Looks like there are some good movies coming over the next few months that'll be fun.

  • Star Wars episode 3, of course. All the whiners will complain before they see it, then they'll see it, then they'll complain more about it, then they'll buy it on DVD, complain more, then buy the directors cut...
  • Hitchhiker's Guide should be fun, and the trailer is very very funny.
  • Sin City looks like one of those movies where the film doesn't live up to the trailer's hype (remember Stargate?), but then again, that's what I said about Fifth Element, ended up loving it, and hey, B.Willis is in this one too.
  • The best is.... A full length Wallace and Grommit feature! Happy Happy! Joy Joy!

At least I'll have time to view a few of these now :-)

I've rented a few flicks as of late too:

  • I (heart) Huckabees: Good flick. Makes you think. Funny too and cleverly done. On the downside, it was a little too "out there" for my wife to enjoy, and I found the "man-teet" scene profoundly nauseating, second only perhaps to Kingpin's "you really shook something loose there tiger!" scene.
  • Napolean Dynamite: Only like the BEST FLIPPIN' MOVIE EVER! Well, maybe not ever, but it was good. Watch it and laugh. ANd afterward think about it and realize that it's deeper than it's slapstick presentation would have you beleive.
  • Sky Captain and the.... screw it. The movie was so bad it doesn't warrant typing the full title.
  • The Notebook. Hey, I had to let my wife have some picks didn't I? Hmm... cinematography was good. Vivid colors, good sets, etc - that part was well done. But the story was pretty predictable, the "big surprise" is easily guessed early on. In short, it's a so-so chick flick.


Mark said...

"The Notebook" - one redeeming feature. The female lead. Yowsa!
Hahahaa :)

Anonymous said...

Saw Sin City on Friday. I enjoyed it. Funky visuals, hip noir-ish stories, loads of violence (more than I expected). Overall, well worth the money/time.

More impressive, however, is the behind the scenes action. For example:

Jason Della Rocca

roBin said...

I actually think the MALE lead is too hot for words, too. Despite the cheesey plot, I was unable to stop watching it (on planes) because of the hot young leads.

I IMDB'd this flick when I got home just to check out him out... Ryan Gosling - if you're out there, gimme a call!

PS: He's in another cheesey movie called "Murder by Numbers" with Sandra Bullock. In the part I saw (the end), he did a pretty good job with a pretty mediocre part.

But I admit, I'm biased.

Anonymous said...

Napoleon Dynamite! AMAZING MOVIE! I think you hit it square on the head Kim. The movie is deeper than you first realize. DANG that was a great movie. It had pegs, shocks, LUC-KY!