Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Gaming update

A while back I mentioned getting a PS2 solely to play Katamari Damacy (mainly because certain people won't shut up about it).

Well, I played it through and finished it. Very good game, if very strange. I normally only finish 2-3 games a year, so that's saying something.

Anyhoo, since I got the PS2, and since I have the time off for sabbatical, I figured I'd better pick up a couple other titles.

SSX3: Well, since I only got my 10 days of snowboarding in March, I figured I could have a little of the virtual equivalent. It's about what you'd expect. Like the first SSX but more options, tuned up graphics, etc. Worth the $19 I paid for it.

Hot Shots Golf - Fore: Like Hot Shots Golf 3, but with more pun. I bought this one because I was looking for something Alisa would like and that we could play together. Success! She likes it and we're playing it together.

Next title will probably be God of War, since lots of people are talking about it. Then after that, a PC game, because I'm feeling guilty about sending Sony my money :-(

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