Monday, January 3, 2005

More Games!

Just when I thought I was going to be productive, someone pointed me to Insaniquarium on yahoo games. Interesting because it's all the trappings of an RTS masquerading as a casual browser-based game title. Good news is I unlocked all 10 creatures in the free version so now I can try hard to stay away from it!

Ok, now back to work.


roBin said...

I unlocked 5 of the creatures and then ... realized I'd been playing for over half an hour. Damn you, Kim! Damnnnnn yooooouuuuuuuuuuu...

I guess this is payback for showing you N? Blame Mark - it was all his idea!

I have so little time and focus when playing - any game that keeps me at the keyboard for "too long" (ie: time flies, I feel super guilty) is doing something right. I don't normally like click-fest games, but I LOVE fish. And picking up magical poop-jewels sure beats trying to hook 'em in in Reel Fishing III.

PS: This game gets extra points for the fart sounds. Silly!

KimPallister said...

You WANT to get all 10 creatures. You NEED to get all 10 creatures. Don't stop now! What about the snail? The crab? The swordfish? What do they do? And what about hte SINGING F****ING MERMAID!!!! What does the mermaid do!!!!???

Only one way to find out!!! BWAAAHAAAHAA!

It's click-fest, but it's also very RTS: Do I try to get the money to finish, or do I spend on new guppies? Or am I better upgrading my fish-food? Toward the later levels the click-festing is manic.

Adding to the aggravation: On later levels, the coin-clicking gets to such a pace that it becomes one continuous sound... that is reminiscent of a game of yesteryear and I can't place it. Pac man? Mario Bros? I think it might be the original mario bros.

Mark said...

Insaniquarium? Love it. :) But don't forget Feeding Frenzy!