Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Final Gems push - and this time I mean it!

The second rev of the CD for the book shipped to the publisher end of last week. I made a correction to the text today. I *THINK* (knock on wood, pinch of salt over shoulder, etc) that we're done!!!!


Mark said...


Congratulations. :) Now get some sleep!

KimPallister said...

Sleep? I wish.

It's "focal" (yearly review) time at Intel, so I'm heavily bogged down in the manager thing for a few days.

Our process is so anal, pedantic, time-consuming... and I love it. Next time we get together for beers we can compare how our huge monolithic corporations do these things. I always find it interesting to compare.

Mark said...

ahhh... i'd love to hear of a system that works. I haven't found one yet that I'm particularly fond of. :)

roBin said...

This is late because I've been under my own pile of work but .. I'll see Mark's "Yay!" and raise you a "Woop! Woop!"


Man, well done!